Photos by Shantanu Suman

Mmmmm, mojitos!

Panchita piñata.

Artist, Myda Iamiceli, and Scott from Creative Workshop.

Eleyna, Laura, Devon, Mami (Gilda), Myda and Lauren Garber Lake.

Myda and Gaby Hernandez and some yummy black bean dip (Lauren in the foreground).

I was so happy to meet new people.

Mami (Gilda) and Myda.

Pulling Panchita's strings.  Gavin, Lily, Camile, Myda and Mami (Gilda).

Yay!  Panchita survived.
Everyone checking out Panchita's gifts.
Everyone reading Panchita's stories.
Panchita's stories.

Mami and Myda.

"Get over here, Laura."
The three generations: Mami (Gilda), Laura, my daughter, and me.
Ellen and Kevin Knudson.

Sharon and Camile Eyman.


Mike Gamble and Odalis Manduley.

Kevin, Ellen, Mami and Myda.

Nancy Schreck, Gaby and Gerardo.
Scott from Creative Workshop, who framed the Miami drawing, and artist, Myda.

Ray Carson and Susan Duser.

Connections, pencil on paper.

Panchita letterpress linoleum reduction prints with wood type.